The New Orleans Chapel of the Santisima Muerte

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Feast Days

Feast Days for la Santisima Muerte

In the system I was taught there are two feast days for Santisima, Good Friday and All Soul's Day.

Good Friday is when God asked the Santisima Muerte to reap his only son, Jesus, and this was her highest honor. This is really her main feast day, and the time between Good Friday and Easter is when some of La Negra's strongest works of sorcery can be done. (Make sure your amparo is made and in place.)

All Soul's Day falls to Santisima because it's when we remember all those who she's reaped and are within (or can be accessed through) the cemetery, her domain in the physical world. There are those who include her in the traditional Dia de los Muertos celebrations.

To celebrate La Flakita on her days, clean and refresh her altars, provide fresh flowers, apples, and other offerings. Say her Chaplet for her. Go to a cemetery and clean an abandoned grave, leaving offerings of cigar or cigarette smoke, tequila, and flowers.

Altar in the New Orleans Chapel. Photo by S. Leonidas