The New Orleans Chapel of the Santisima Muerte

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Recommended Reading and Additional Resources in English

Most information about la Santisima Muerte is in Spanish. For English speakers I recommend the following:

The Santisima Muerte: A Mexican Folk Saint, by E. Bryant Holman, 2007, This small book takes a look at her traditional colors, as seen on the cover. Holman did a great deal of research into Mexico's Curanderismo, and through that came to meet several people who worked with La Santisima. This research took place just as she was becoming more popular and more New Age and spiritual merchants' influences began promoting the different colors. Also found here is the Tribute (la tributa) and is very similar to the one passed to me. This is a book I can highly recommend.
Devoted to Death: Santa Muerte the Skeleton Saint by R. Andrew Chesnut, 2012, Oxford University Press. It is the most comprehensive book in English covering the popular movement of Santa Muerte today. It has a well researched chapter on her history, including the individuals who have had a great impact on the spread of her devotion. Highly recommended.

Here is a site that is a good source, mostly in English, for news related to La Santa Muerte. It's run by David Metcalfe and Andrew Chesnut, leading U.S. academic on the subject.

Most Holy Death

The DVD, La Santa Muerte, 2007, directed by Eva S. Aridjis, is in Spanish but has English subtitles. For the IMDb, go here.