How to Access a USB Drive on iPhone or iPad ?

Accessing a USB drive on iPhone or iPad is a feature that has been long-awaited. With the discharge of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, you may now entry a USB flash force and transfer files of any variety to your iPhone or iPad utilizing a appropriate USB adapter. This wikiHow teaches you the way to entry a USB drive on iPhone and iPad.

1 Buy a USB3 Digital camera adapter on your iPhone.

Purchase a USB3 Camera adapter for your iPhone. It’s suggested that you use the USB3 Digicam adapter while accessing a USB flash drive on an iPhone or iPad. They price about $40.
Other USB adapters for might or won’t work for iPhone or iPad. Many USB adapters do not have enough power for your iPhone or iPad to access the device.

2 Replace to iOS or iPadOS 13

Update to iOS or iPadOS 13. In order to access a USB force on an iPhone or iPad, you wish to have the latest edition of iOS. You can update to the latest version of iOS in the Settings menu less than “General”.

3 Attach the USB3 Camera adapter on your iPhone or iPad.

Connect the USB3 Digital camera adapter for your iPhone or iPad. Use the lightning cable port at the backside of your iPhone or iPad to connect the USB3 Camera adapter.

4 Attach your charging cable to the lightning port on the USB3 Camera adapter.

Connect your charging cable to the lightning port at the USB3 Digital camera adapter. The lightning port is to the right of the USB port on the USB3 Digicam adapter. Use an identical charging cable you use to charge your iPhone or iPad and attach it to the adapter. This guarantees the USB3 Digicam adapter has sufficient power to allow your iPhone or iPad to entry a USB drive.

5 Connect a USB drive to the USB3 Digital camera adapter.

Connect a USB force to the USB3 Camera adapter. Plug your USB force into the USB port on the USB3 Digicam adapter.
If you be given an alert that announces your gadget cannot use your accent because it requires an excessive amount of power, both your USB adapter or flash force is incompatible with your iPhone or iPad. Some larger USB drives, which includes an outside tough drive, will not work with an iPhone or iPad, despite the USB3 Digital camera adapter.

6 Open Documents .

I edited this screenshot of an iOS icon. Files has an icon with a blue folder. Tap the icon on your house screen to open Files.

7 Tap Browse.

Tap Browse. It is the second one tab on the backside of Files. This displays a listing of all linked devices.

8 Faucet your USB drive.

Tap your USB drive. It’s below “Locations” within the dossier browser menu. Faucet documents to open and look at them. Faucet and drag files to head them. You can also tap and drag documents to other locations, inclusive of “On my iPhone/iPad” or “iCloud Drive” to transfer the files in your USB force to other locations.