How to Access Another Computer from Your Computer ?

This articles teaches you a way to access and handle a working laptop or computer remotely from one more computing device by way of installing remote desktop software on both computers. Once hooked up on both computers, you can set up one desktop to be the “host,” enabling it to be controlled from anywhere, so long as the two computers are connected to the internet, are powered on, and feature the proper program installed. Programs like Group Viewer and Chrome Remote Desktop may be established on the two PCs and Macs, while Windows Remote Desktop may be mounted on a Windows host machine (running Windows 10 Professional) and accessed by way of different Home windows or Mac computers.

1. Access Another Computer with Chrome Remote Desktop

1 Install Chrome Remote Laptop on the two computers. This is a free tool from Google that allows you to remotely manage one machine with another. The device calls for using Google Chrome as your internet browser, so if you do not have Chrome installed, you will ought to get it from Complete here steps on the two computers:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Go to
  3. Click the blue-and-white arrow icon. This opens a new window to the Chrome Remote Laptop web page at the Chrome internet store.
  4. Click Add to Chrome on the Chrome web store, and then Upload extension to confirm.
  5. Close the Chrome information superhighway shop window so the unique web page is once returned visible.
  6. Click the blue-and-white ACCEPT & INSTALL button, and then supply all asked permissions to continue.
  7. Enter a reputation on your machine and click on NEXT.
  8. Enter and ensure a 6-digit PIN. As soon as confirmed, Remote Desktop will start.

2 Generate a aid code at the desktop you desire to access. Now that Chrome Remote Laptop is established on both computers, you’ll ought to generate a code that the other desktop can use to entry it. The code will in simple terms be legitimate for five minutes from creation, so you have to do that right earlier than you’re ready to make the connection. This is how to generate the code on the computing device receiving the connection:

  1. Click the Remote Assist tab close the tip of the page.
  2. Click the GENERATE CODE button.

3 Go to at the desktop which will make the connection. Remember, you’ll need to do this using the Google Chrome internet browser.
4 Type the aid code into the “Give Support” blank and click on Connect. It is the second clean at the page. An invitation would be sent to the pc that you’re attempting to access.
5 Click Share at the computing device receiving the connection. In some moments, the remote computer’s machine will show up in Chrome on the connecting computer.
6 Click Stop Sharing on the sharing desktop to finish the relationship at any time.

2 Access Another Computer with TeamViewer

1 Cross to in a web browser. You could use TeamViewer to remotely manage one more PC or Mac from your own. TeamViewer is unfastened for private/non-commercial use. If TeamViewer incorrectly determines your working system, click your computer’s OS in the row of recommendations in the midst of the page.
2 Scroll down and click on Download TeamViewer. It is a green button close the top of the page. Doing so activates the TeamViewer setup dossier to begin downloading to your computer.
Depending on your browser’s settings, you’ve got to avoid wasting the dossier or point out a download region before the dossier will actually download.
3 Double-click the TeamViewer file. On Windows, this is a setup dossier known as “TeamViewer_Setup”, whilst Mac users will double-click the “TeamViewer.dmg” file.
4 Set up TeamViewer.
To do so:

  1. Windows – Assess the “Installation to entry this machine remotely” box, determine the “Personal / Non-commercial use” box, and click on Accept – Finish.
  2. Mac – Double-click the installer package, click on OK, open the Apple menu, click on Procedure Preferences, click on Security and Privacy, click on Open Besides subsequent to the “TeamViewer” message, and click Open while prompted. Comply with the on-screen prompts.

5 View your computer’s ID.
On the left side of the TeamViewer window, you will see a “Your ID” part under the “Allow Remote Control” heading. You’ll want this ID to entry the host computer.
6 Create a customized password.
To do so:

  1. Hover over the current password.
  2. Click the circular arrow left of the password.
  3. Click Set personal password in the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter your preferred password into the “Password” and “Confirm password” fields.
  5. Click OK.

7 Download, install, and open TeamViewer in your moment computer.
This ought to be the pc that you’ll use to access the host computer. You can additionally download TeamViewer on your iPhone or Android.
8 Enter the 1st computer’s ID into the “Partner ID” field.
This box is at the right part of the TeamViewer window, just below the “Control Remote Computer” heading.
9 Ensure “Remote Control” is checked. If not, click on the circle to the left of this option.
10 Click on Connect with partner. It’s near the lowest of the TeamViewer window.
11 Enter the password. It is the password you place in the “Allow Remote Control” portion of TeamViewer on the host computer.
12 Click on Log On. It’s at the backside of the TeamViewer Authentication window.
13 View your connected computer’s screen. After a brief moment, you will see the 1st computer’s display appear in the TeamViewer window on the second one computer’s screen.

  1. Once you notice the host computer’s screen, you may work together with it as although it were your own computer.
  2. To disconnect, you will click on the X on the precise of the TeamViewer window.

3. Access Another Computer with windows Remote Desktop

1 Open Start Brand at the host PC. Click on the Home windows logo within the bottom-left nook of the screen, or press the Windows key.

  1. Remote Machine can purely be used to attach PCs strolling Windows 10 Pro edition. If the remote machine is utilizing an extra version of Home windows 10, together with Windows 10 Home edition, you’ll have to use an extra method.

2 Click Settings. It is at the lower-left facet of the Start menu.
3 Click on System. This computer-shaped icon is near the tip of the Settings page.
4 Scroll down and click on the About tab.
It’s on the backside of the column of strategies on the left part of the window. You’ll have to scroll together with your cursor soaring over this column.
5 Notice your computer’s name.
It’s at the desirable of the page, correct subsequent to the “PC name” heading. You’ll want this to connect the second computing device to this one.
6 Click Procedure info.
It’s below the “Related settings” heading within the top-right nook of the page.
This preference can also be at the bottom of the page if you’ve not up to date to the Home windows 10 Author version.
7 Click on Advanced procedure settings. It is in the upper-left facet of the Procedure window.
8 Click on the Remote tab. This selection is within the top-right nook of the Technique Houses window.
9 Investigate the “Allow Remote Suggestions connections to this computer” box.
It’s lower than the “Remote Assistance” heading in the course of the page.

  1. If this field is checked, you haven’t got to alter anything.

10 Click OK, then exit the Manner window. This will keep your settings.
11 Scroll up and click Power & sleep. This tab is near the end of the column of options at the left part of the Settings window.
12 Click the two drop-down menus and choose By no means for every of them.
This will preclude the host desktop from going to sleep or shutting down when you are remotely linked to it.
13 Open Remote Desktop on the second computer.
To do so:

  1. Windows – Open Start variety in remote laptop connection, and click the Remote Desktop Connection app.
  2. Mac – Download Microsoft Remote Machine from the App Store, open Launchpad, and click the orange Microsoft Remote Desktop app.

14 Input the host computer’s name.
Do so within the “Computer:” field near the tip of the Remote Machine window.

  1. On Mac, first click + New within the top-left corner of the app window, then input the computer’s name in the “PC Name” field.
  2. You may also type the host computer’s IP address into the computer’s name field.

15 Click on Connect.
Click Connect. It’s on the bottom of the Remote Laptop window. Whilst the relationship is made, the host computer’s exhibit will show up in a window in your computer.

  1. On Mac, double-click the relationship name you just created within the My Computer systems drop-down list.