How to Access Bookmarks on Google Chrome

Bookmarks are your stored links or favorites on Google Chrome. They give a easy and faster way to visit your commonly used websites. You don’t have got to remember the exact address or URL so as to get to a page. All you ought to do is convey out your bookmarks and select from there.

1. Accessing Bookmarks from Bookmark Manager

1 Release Google Chrome. Look for Google Chrome in your desktop and open it. The information superhighway browser will load.
2 Move to Bookmark Manager. Click on on the button with three horizontal traces on the top right corner. This would carry out a submenu. Seek for “Bookmarks,” then choose “Bookmark Manager.” You can additionally directly pass to this page by entering “chrome://bookmarks/” in the address bar of your browser.
3 View your bookmarks. The Bookmark Supervisor page will load with all of your bookmarks and folders displayed on the left panel. The right panel reveals the titles of the bookmarks under every folder. You could organize your bookmarks here.
4 Open a bookmark. Double-click on a bookmark to open it less than a brand new tab. You’ll be dropped at the web site directed by the bookmark.

2. Getting access to Bookmarks from the Bookmark Bar

1 Launch Google Chrome. Look for Google Chrome on your laptop and open it. The internet browser will load.
2 Show the bookmarks bar. Click on at the button with 3 horizontal traces at the upper correct corner. This would bring out a submenu. Search for “Bookmarks,” then choose “Show bookmarks bar.” The bookmarks bar will show up right below the address field.
3 View bookmarks. All of your bookmarks may well be accessed from the bookmarks bar. In case you have bookmarks less than folders, the folders will be displayed as well. Click on on the folders to view the bookmarks within them.
4 Open a bookmark. Click on on a bookmark to open it at the equal tab you’re in. You’ll be dropped at the web site directed by the bookmark.

3. Accessing Bookmarks from Google Bookmarks Page

1 Visit Google Bookmarks page. Open Google Chrome in your computing device to load the internet browser. Go to Google Bookmarks.
2 Sign in. Use your Gmail login facts at the fields provided then click “Sign in” to retain in your Bookmarks page.
3 View your bookmarks. All of the bookmarks you’ve saved on Google Bookmarks will be indexed here. These bookmarks are available even from a different laptop or from a different cyber web browser. Because the bookmarks are stored with your Google account, you can entry them each time and anywhere, so long as you’re online.
4 Open a bookmark. Click on on a bookmark to open it on the identical tab or window you’re in. You’ll be brought to the web site directed by way of the bookmark.